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Indian Council For Social Welfare
Address: 7 Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi-1 INDIA


About us

Indian Council For Social Welfare is incorported in Delhi INDIA under Societies Registration Act, 1860

Welcome to Indian Council for Social Welfare. Indian Council for Social Welfare (ICSW) is a global organisation striving for social justice, human rights and social development through the development of social work, best practices and international cooperation. If you want to be our associate, please write us your name, age, address, mobile phone number, a brief of your experiences, how can you contribute for our causes, issues.


Welfare of women and children

Marriage Conselling, Domestic and International Adoptions.

Agitating social causes

Bringing reform in society on social issues through social media and interactions


Briging social reforms, gender justice; empowermen of weakers

Legal Assistance

Prevention of domestic violence, cruetly in society; providing free legal assistance to needy.

Health and Education

Providing education through school and other media; providing health care and education

Humantarian Response

Helping disater affected people and helping their rehabilitation


ICSW India is in need of volunters who can work for social causes. Please write us yours resume and how can you assist us in our goals.


Contact us by email on and we'll get back to you within 6 hours, if required.

Indian Council For Social Welfare
7 Jantar Mantar Road,
New Delhi-110001 INDIA


Indian Council For Social Welfare

A Global Oranisation for social causes. Email

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